S Increasing



This technique shows the code segment for a curve that can exhibit a concave curve on the lower part of the range in an upward arc and a convex curve on the upper part of the range. This is one of several complex curves that allow different shapes to be created by using input variables that can tune the shape of the curve.

With this curve the Bottom Config (Start of curve) (index 1) and the Top Config (End of curve) (index 2) can be set with input variables. When configuring these values to precise values using the Auto Tuning function, set the Bottom Setup INPUT (index 1) first with the INPUT set to 0, then set the Top Setup INPUT (index 2) with the INPUT set to 100. The midpoint of the curve can be shifted left and right with index 3. The curve shape can be "tweeked" with indexes 4 and 5.

NOTE: After adjusting the shape of the curve with the Midpoint and Manual Lower and Manual Upper, it will probably be necessary to retune the Top Config. So it is best to configure the general shape first and then tune the Top Config.